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Air Labrador's excellent taxi service - hop, skip and a jump from St. Anthony to Port Hope Simpson with a view to treasure, 16 July 2002

Espoir gauche Simpson les deux deces non resolues

Port упование Simpson 2 unsolved смерти

Port упование Simpson 2 unsolved смерти

Ελπίδα Simpson λιμένων δύο άλυτοι θάνατοι

Ελπίδα Simpson λιμένων δύο άλυτοι θάνατοι

Port Hope Simpson twee onopgeloste sterfgevallen

Port Hope Simpson twee onopgeloste sterfgevallen

港希望Simpson 二未解決的死亡

港希望Simpson 二未解決的死亡

港希望Simpson 二未解决的死亡

港希望Simpson 二未解决的死亡

운반 희망Simpson2개의 미해결 죽음

운반 희망Simpson2개의 미해결 죽음

左舷希望Simpson 2 つの未解決の死

左舷希望Simpson 2 つの未解決の死

Esperanza portuaria Simpson dos muertes sin resolver

Esperanza portuaria Simpson dos muertes sin resolver

Esperan�a portu�ria Simpson duas mortes unsolved

Esperan�a portu�ria Simpson duas mortes unsolved

Speranza port Simpson due morti non risolte

Speranza port Simpson due morti non risolte

Porthoffnung Simpson zwei ungel�ste Todesf�lle

Porthoffnung Simpson zwei ungel�ste Todesf�lle

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Port Hope Simpson town emblem; two unsolved deaths & links;

The Port Hope Simpson 19-27 July 2002 Come Home town emblem. The human figure represents the spirit of Port Hope Simpson and its enthusiastic fire; the Labrador flag represents our heritage; the house represents the importance of home and family that exists in our community and the Port Hope Simpson banner represents our town's pride and teamwork.
Stacy Russell

However, two deaths on 3 February 1940 in Port Hope Simpson, Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada are still unsolved. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Serious Crimes Unit, Gander, Newfoundland have opened up their own investigation about the deaths. This illustrated journal from 15 July to 28 August, 2002 not only covers an invitation to the town's Coming Home celebrations but also includes the author's further attempt to establish the facts. If you know anything at all about what happened please do not hesitate in contacting your local RCMP detachment or the police force of jurisdiction in your area.If you live outside Canada, please contact your local police service and ask them to make a request for assistance from the appropriate Canadian law enforcement agency.
The main RCMP website address is

p4 leaving home and flying over the Atlantic Ocean into St. Johns

p.5 thinking about what I wanted to find out and enjoying the views

p.6 walking in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

p7 the final leg of my journey home

p8 flying in to Port Hope Simpson

p9 impressions after returning for the first time in 32 years

p.10 a most humbling experience at the opening ceremony of the Coming Home 2002 celebrations

p.11 26 July 2002 writing a history of Port Hope Simpson

p. 12 fantastic meeting Scott and Rita again over at Claude and Jean's in Mary's Harbour

p. 13 reflecting on the great Battle Harbour boat tour

p.14 27 July 2002 into The Time Capsule..

p. 15 called in to see Si Strugnall

p.16 28 July 2002, time for reflection and meeting new people

p.17 29 July 2002, 32 years later- finally taking a closer-look at the inscription on the tombstone

p.18 various considerations about the two deaths

p.19 a time for reflection and analysis

p.20 This is what you call flying!

p.21 returning to St. John's with panoramic views

p.22 The Canadian Foreign Legion, Ferryland

p.23 The East Coast Trail from Brigus South to Bauline

p.24 checking out for somewhere to stay

p.25 a most friendly, hospitable people

p.26 Stick and Shelter Forests

p.27 Art Gallery of Labrador and Newfoundland

p,28 mesmerized by the exhibts in the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. Johns

p. 29 plan view of The George River Herd

p.30 5 August 2002 I ask you! Confused in The Men's Room...whatever next!

p.31 6 - 7 August 2002 just enjoying life

p.32 8 - 10 August 2002 A blithering eejit at work- tried to open the wrong door by not looking where I was going!

p.33 Quidis Vidis and the Tatoo

p.34 11-13 August 2002 received list of names and years of service of the vsos from Mary Joyce in London

p.35 15-17 August 2002 Operator, will you please tell me what its going to cost to ring a mobile number in Wales. I expect I will have to sit down...

p.36 extremely loud thunderclaps

p37 19 August 2002 Into Gros Morne National Park World Heritage site

reached the summmit

p. 39 A very special place. I have never seen anybody climb in sandals before!
You have never been to Nepal then!

p.40 20 August 2002 refuelling after GM

p.41 21-22 August 2002 I had to call in to the RCMP with my complaints.

searching for Nfld. Rangers Reports

Rangers kept outside jurisdiction of the Justice Department

p.44Fraser and Lodges appointments were too coincidental in timing; points to a cover-up about the deaths, too much at stake for the people involved;

p.45 the role and the reality of Keith Younge

p.46 considering different possible scenarios about the deaths whilst trying not to speculate

p.47 24 August 2002 No Ranger's Report and No Doctor in Attendance Report has ben found. Again; too coincidental.

p.48 Somebody knows where they went. Why are the Company Store accounts in Port Hope Simpson also missing? Why are so many Labrador reports missing from the Newfoundland Rangers archives? Were they deliberately moved to try and disguise the glaringly missing Ranger's Report about the investigation into the deaths at Port Hope Simpson? Too many unanswered questions.

p.49 25 August 2002 getting ready to move out

p.50 searching in Provincial Archives Death Registry with some odd findings

p 51 26 August 2002 publication?